Cecil B Drain's PACU book...

  1. 0 do any of you who own cecil b drain's reference book: "post anesthesia care unit: a critical care approach to post anesthesia nursing" - from 1994 find that the information is not current? i just wonder about spending $50-$60 bucks on a book that may have information that is out of date.
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    I am hearing noises that a new edition is due out VERY soon, but I have not found it yet...
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    Thanks a bunch- I'll keep my eyes peeled
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    I have the 2003 edition. It has new chapters not in the previous editions. Also the specialty chapter's have been rewritten and the pharmacology section has a whole new section.
    I love Drain's book and it was my main source of study when I took the CPAN exam last year. I highly recommend it.
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    Before our last JCAHO survey we were told to remove all books from the department that were more than 5 years old.

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