Question for ortho nurses re; Ibuprofen S/P ortho surgery

  1. Has anyone heard of Ibuprofen being contraindicated S/P ortho surgery. ie; THR, TKR and lamis. I think it has something to do with interfering with bone growth/healing. Any info would be appreciated.
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  3. by   letina
    Ibuprofen increases the risk of bleeding, and patients are advised to discontinue its use 7 days prior to surgery to minimise post-operative bleeding.
  4. by   PeachyOrthoRN
    In our hospital some of our surgeons and that is to say one or two have taken to every now and again use Ibuprofen after a 24 hour round of Toradol. They say it helps with pain relief. They were using Bextra or Celebrex but can't use those anymore! These particular surgeons don't use it all the time it's once in a while and since with do PT/INR on almost every pt every morning we monitor then very closely for the potential for bleeding. Hope this answers your question!
  5. by   Bull's eye
    NSAID's, specifically Toradol, was shown in a recent study in JAAOS last year to impair bone healing and, extrapolated from that study, some ortho surgeons are trying to stay away from NSAID's in the immediate post fracture/ post op time frame. I haven't seen any recent, good, study that has shown similar results in THA/TKA, but I can see how it can be inferred.