Post op ward placements

  1. Hi all, I have a wee question and apologise in advance if this has been asked in other threads. We are a 35 bed post operative ward specialising in orthopaedics. We are trailing a process of creating a post operative room in which our immediate post op patients come into after we have collected them from pacu. The patients are then nursed in this room with the equipment needed, dedicated post op nurse and an ability to give direct post care without focusing on other ward issues. The post op room holds four patients and if there are more than four patients we create a second room and place patients in there. surigcal procedures include anything from arthrodesis through to complex spinal procedures. We as nurses like this idea but are trying to find other wards that do this and any literature that supports a dedicated post op room. Any suggestions/advice or guidance would be great. Thank you in advance

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    Hi sorry to bump the thread just hoping someone may be able to offer some advice in this type of setup.

    Many thanks