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Ortho Nurses are Great!

  1. 1 My clinical rotation this semester is in Ortho and I am amazed how caring and attentive the nurses on this floor are! I saw SMILING nurses with great attitudes who did not treat their job like an inconvenience. It is nice to be in such a positive environment. I would love to work on a floor that runs like this in the future.

    So just a shout out to the Ortho nurses out there, thank you for making a difference, thank you for caring and thank you for being great!
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    hey thanks from everyone on my floor!

    and you know, i am a tad biased i guess, but b4 i was on the floor as an rn hired i was there as an ns. even my fiancee noticed a difference when i came home. i was happy, had a good day, even with a couple of crabby nurses, it still made for a great day. and i got a job interveiw under-the-table for after my 4th semester. (i was in 3rd at the time). i interviewed b4 grad and got hired. & i still am glad i did, rarely do i have bad days! and when i do, it never lasts being in a bad mood!

    sorry, off the track, but thanks from every on my ortho floor!


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