Nursing Student-Help With Fx. Clavicle Nursing Student-Help With Fx. Clavicle | allnurses

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Nursing Student-Help With Fx. Clavicle

  1. 0 My neice just fx'd her clavicle Saturday. She's in a figure 8 and sling, along with a lot of pain. Her neuro signs have disappeared. The books say a 6-8 week recovery period. Anything more specific that could help?
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    Neuro signs disappeared?????
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    Quote from P_RN
    Neuro signs disappeared?????
    She initially had some numbness and tingling in her fingers which concerned me, but these disappeared overnight and were gone by the tine she saw the orthopod.

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    As far as I recall that's pretty much the standard. Any questions should be directed to her doctor. We really can't give advice like that here.