Nursing ortho patients with Oncology Patients

  1. 0 Hi, was just wondering if any one has worked in a ward with a mix of elective orthopeadic, urology and oncology patients. What are the pros and cons? I have concerns with mixing elective surgery patients with acutely unwell oncology patients.
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    We are an oncology floor that takes overflow patients from other wards. None of us like it. Nothing like having a MRSA patient next to a neutropenic patient.
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    I actually work on an ortho/oncology floor that also takes urology/GYN surgical patients. I'm a pca there at the moment, but precepting there and I really love it. I like the mix, although I'd have to say I am more fond of the surgical patients. I'd say about 70% of our patients are surgical, with a few scattered oncs and sometimes a few overflow general medical pts.
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