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new zealand orthopaedic nurses

  1. 0 Hi, There is now an association (New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Association) just starting in NZ. Anyone interested please send a personal message. We are also connected to the ANZONA, (Australian New Zealand Orthopaedic Nurses Association).
    Cheers Sue
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    hey Sue, can you possibly help me?
    i have a 11 year old son with ji scoliosis. with a rotation and rib hump, we are on the waitning list, but i guess you understand how hard it is to get info out of a doc. he is sitting at 5o degrees of curvature he has moved 11 degress in the last 6 months, his ribs look awful and he feels down. what happens to the ribs after surgery and what happens when they reject the hardware?? what about screw irritation? help i need a kiwi answer at the info from the states isnt helpful and i cant find much on biys either. Can you help me please. Im doing a bhs so i know a bit about anotomy. please email me at email address deleted. thanks
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