My ortho floor is getting monitors!

  1. Seems like the hospital has a lil cash to throw around so our inpatient rooms are getting cardiac monitors. I have been gifted with writing the process standard for this. I do have a big question though, what do you do when you have monitored patients and you go to lunch? Who minds the phones? Also, is there any of you out there working on a tele floor without ACLS??
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  3. by   Morainey
    I'm jealous! I wish my floor had monitors.

    Are they all linked in to one central monitor at the nurse's station? At my hospital we have a monitor tech/secretary/PCT at the monitor who is not allowed to leave without coverage, so the pts are always being watched.

    Since we have 2 RNs on my floor, when we go to lunch we usually give the other person a brief rundown. And hand over the phone.