Helpful Resources on Patient Mobility

  1. Ambulatory Aids

    On completion of this chapter, the reader will:
    *Name four activities that prepare clients for ambulation.
    *Give two examples of isometric exercises that tone and strengthen lower extremities.
    *Identify one technique for building upper arm strength.
    *Explain the reason for dangling clients or using a tilt table.
    *Name two devices used to assist clients with ambulation.
    *Give three examples of ambulatory aids.
    *Identify the most stable type of ambulatory aid.
    *Describe three characteristics of appropriately fitted crutches.
    *Name four types of crutch-walking gaits.
    *Explain the purpose of a temporary prosthetic limb.
    *Discuss two criteria that must be met before constructing a permanent prosthetic limb.
    *Name four components of above-the-knee and below-the-knee prosthetic limbs.
    *Describe how a prosthetic limb is applied.
    *Discuss age-related changes that affect the gait and ambulation of older adults.
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