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Degenerative Disk Disease -- Please Help!

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    Dear Susanmary,
    Investigate all the options with the surgeon, and see what his plan is if the conservative measures don't work. And then seek an second opinion, and even a third, until you are all comfortable with the outcomes. Even seek out an orthopaedic surgeon who specializes in backs, microdisectomy could be an option, and is minimally invasive.

    Good luck, and let me know what happens.
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    I'm going to refer you to another forum I go to. When I hurt my back these people taught me more in a week or so than all the years of being an ortho nurse had.

    To answer your question, yes I have seen people get better without surgery. I've also seen some get worse.
    Try the MGH site. You do have to register, but it's a good place to get answers. And the answers are from the experiences of literally THOUSANDS of folks.

    I go there to with the same screen name. So see you there.