Correct me if I'm wrong

  1. In my world (SNF Rehab/LTC) we must get all people who fall off the floor with a Hoyer. I cringe when I see post surgical hip pts in a sling...with their hip bent beyond a 90 degree flexion. Correct? Incorrect?
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  3. by   Wise Woman RN
    There are slings in which the patient remains recumbent, you log roll them on to the sling.
  4. by   DeBerham
    Yeah, you really don't want a posterior aproach patient bent beyond 90deg (and we tried to keep them in the 80deg range) due to the risk of dislocating that artificial joint. Less of an issue with anterior aproach patients.
  5. by   blue heeler
    depends on the type of hip surgery.
  6. by   ipaharpoon
    Yikes. Do you have that many falls that you have a protocol for how to get them up?