Amputation from the hip???

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    Was wondering, when an amputation is done from up high in the leg, in the hip area, what do they do with the main vessles and arteries? Do they just tie them off or are they connected to one another to continue the circulation? Anybody have info on this?

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    Frankly I've never seen an amputation higher than thigh high. Perhaps a metro hospital RN could help better, but I've never seen any indication that would requite an amputation from the hip down.
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    The bottom of the article describes the procedure..
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    Thanks for the info, my best friend's dad had this done friday and being in nursing school her family is asking me about it. I've seen amputations before and knew they tied vessles off but wasn't sure because of the area of this amputation. He has tissue sarcoma and it is spreading fast. He still has to have chemo and radiation for what they couldn't get. Very risky procedure.

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