Accepted intership on an Ortho Unit!!

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    I'm so excited! I was offered & accepted an internship position in a hospital ortho unit.

    I've never worked in ortho - all my clinicals have been in other areas like med/surg or L&D - but I am really looking forward to jumping in. I still have another 6 months of school until I graduate in December from my ADN program, but getting this internship has made me feel a burst of new energy... The goal that I've been striving for the last few years of my life is finally in reach! But now I have to learn all about ortho... any advice/insight?

    ...the leg bone 's connected to the foot bone...
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    Congratulations! Good luck!!!!
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    Congratulations. Just remember those bones are only a part of the whole person. You'll have to be very observant towards that also.

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