Winter start's waiting list at MHCC

  1. 0 I have heard that there are 7 or 8 alternatives toward the Winter cohort at MHCC. Anyone knows whether these waitlisters still have a chance to get in? Thank you very much
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    Anything is possible until the program starts! You should just call and check your place and see what the school has to say! You might have a better chance than you think! Good luck!
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    thanks for your comment, NurseToBe3. I really want to know the past record for the waiting list for winter term last years that can makes me still keep my hope... Thank you
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    Did you call them yet? There was so much to do before starting, so I'm sure you want as much notice as possible! Just maybe start getting your immunizations out of the way so you have less to worry about if you get in at the last second.

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