What the president and CEO of OAHHS thinks about ADN nurses? I do and so can you!

  1. 0 Andy Davidson, the president and CEO of OAHHS stated in a recorded interview that the nurses in Haiti were like the level of "2 year nurses of Certified Medical Assistants in Oregon" This interview can be found at the OAHHS website and should be listened to by every nurse in Oregon. My coworkers who went to Haiti (all but two were 2 year RN's) agree the healthcare in that country was horrible and the Haitian nurses were not well trained for the most part. BUT... They were not at all comparable to any nurse in Oregon! Please take a moment and listen to the interview you will be amazed at the thoughts of this person.
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    do you have a link?
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    Here is a link to the podcast! Sorry it took so long to post it!

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