What is the RN job market like in Portland? What is the RN job market like in Portland? | allnurses

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What is the RN job market like in Portland?

  1. 0 I live in Minnesota, and quite frankly, need a change. How hard is it to get a hospital job? What are the working conditions/staff ratios. They are bad here, and I am sick of it. Thanks.
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    Pretty difficult here too. Our market is saturated d/t several nursing schools in the area. However if you are an experienced nurse in a critical care area your chances are greater in getting a job. I don't think there's any city that can say there's a nursing shortage...not with the economy the way it is. Maybe try travel nursing to scope things out first, I know there's a few places around this area that use travel nurses. Good luck with whatever you decide!
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    I'm interested in taking a travel position in Portland-could you let me know what those hospitals are that utilize travelers frequently? I am an ICU RN, 10 years experience.

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    The only one I'm certain about is Kaiser as far as travel nurses, but as I look on different job websites there are several jobs around the area in critical care areas. Good luck!