What hospitals ARE hiring new grads?

  1. 0 OK, so as far as I understand, all Providence hospitals and OHSU have a hiring freeze on. What hospitals/hospital systems ARE hiring in NW Oregon, especially for new grads? Are there any job fairs coming up? Are most new graduates getting jobs?
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    I don't know about Portland but about 1 1/2 hours South in Corvallis we are hiring new grads!

    Come check out Good Samaritan Regional Medical Center:

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    OHSU on February 12 is having a Career Fair:

    "The Alumni Association is hosting the Annual School of Nursing Career Fair on the Portland campus from noon to 3pm in the first floor lobby. Employers will be on hand from many area companies and hospitals to talk to students and any nurses looking to expand their careers."

    Also, I don't know when the OSNA is having their conference, but they usually have a vendors room - good time to talk with employers
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    I'm definitely interested in the Corvallis program, but the new grad program jobs don't seem to be posted yet--do you know when they'll go up?

    I wonder which job fair would be a better bet...
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    Wendy I too am living in Portland and am looking for places that hire new RN grads. I just filled out the application for the hospital in Corvallis. The drive will suck, but the pay will be nice. Maybe we could even carpool if we both got in there!!
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    Yeah, it's kind of tough. With all the schools in the area with new grads each term, it's hard to find something. I have a friend that just moved back to PDX and she had a hard time finding a job, even with 1+ year experience as an RN.
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    well if you are interested in working outside the hospital you can apply to ambulatory clinics. the Oregon Clinic hires new grad RN's. visit www.orclinic.com
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    Quote from GI-RN-PDX
    well if you are interested in working outside the hospital you can apply to ambulatory clinics. the Oregon Clinic hires new grad RN's. visit www.orclinic.com
    Where do you see that they hire new grad RNs? Or do you have an inside connection? And, is this truly NEW grads... or new grads that have already passed the NCLEX?
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    I don't think it says anywhere on the website that they hire new grads. It's up to the department and managers. I wouldn't limit yourself looking for jobs that specifically say "hiring new grads". I applied for a job that mentioned nothing about hiring new grads. They hired me before I graduated from RN school. I gave them the date I was scheduled for NCLEX and they held the position until I passed NCLEX. I applied thinking I wouldn't get that kind of job but HR called me right away for an interview. You just never know. I would start applying to whatever job you think you might like whether or not it says they hire new grads. Good luck!
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    The Corvallis opening should be posted in early February - there will be at least 10 positions in the Critical Care Internship program from the summer.
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    Just a heads up for anyone who applied or was thinking of applying for the new RN grad spots at Samaritan Pacific Communities Hospital.

    I just received an email from them notifying me that the position has been canceled at this time.

    Apparently the poor economy hit them too.

    Please keep us posted if you've heard of other new grad positions opening up around the Portland area!
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    Shoot shoot shoot! I was interested in that hospital. Thanks for letting us know.
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    samaritan corvallis is still dedicated to the new nursing orientation. we should have about 10 spots here in our summer critical care internship (cci) program - which covers both icu and progressive care - step-down & tele.

    the positions should be posted soon, by mid february usually. here's the link:


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