Salem Hospital OR internship (summer)

  1. I'm curious if anyone applied to the Salem Hospital OR internship that is slated to start in August? The posting ended a week ago and I just got an email today with an invitation to the interview! A little bit nervous, I've never ever applied for any OR positions. Anyway, would love to connect with others who are going through this process too so we can be nervous and anxious together!
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  3. by   Peaches73
    Yes! I also had an interview for the OR internship about a month ago! Have you heard anything back since the interview?
  4. by   lilwbprincess
    Hi Peaches73!

    Glad you saw this and responded
    I haven't heard a single peep. Have you? Been feeling pretty dejected about the whole thing. The interview/tour went really well, but haven't heard a thing.
    Keep in touch!!
  5. by   Peaches73
    I e-mailed someone on the panel last week and they responded by saying the decisions had gone to HR to do background checks and reference checks. They said to hang in there and that we should find out "soon." So I am still hopeful! I've tried e-mailing HR and calling but no reply.