Salem Hospital announced hiring 50 new grads

  1. 1 Just heard this week that Salem Hospital is looking to hire 50 new grads this year to cover all the retirements. They are only accepting those with BSN's at this time, but still an opportunity for those looking for a job.
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    Haven't even been accepted into nursing school yet but are most hospitals in the Willamette Valley hiring only BSNs for their new grad programs? Is this just Salem Hospital wanting magnet status? Just curious.
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    As a soon to be ADN graduate it appears to be that in the Portland area all the hospitals are BSN preferred. We had some "recruiters" come to my school and speak and they all said that yes they hire new grads, BUT, they want BSN nurses. So it looks like another 18 months of school for me
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    Oh Boy! I'm further south but I'm gonna guess that this is a trend. Looking into Linfield's online BSN program. Of course you have to be working as an RN to use that program.

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