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Question about Salem

  1. 0 Im graduating with my BSN in May and I was just curious, which hospital is the best to work for? Im in St. Louis right now and I really dont have any experience, just my clinicals. Where I live, you can't get an internship over the summer unless you sign a contract (no money involved) and I dont want to stay here, so they won't hire you. Is it hard to get a job as a new grad, when your in this postion? Thanks....
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    There is only one Hospital in Salem, Salem Hospital. Check their career tab on their site: Most positions give pref to experienced, but not required.
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    There is also the state psych hospital there in Salam. They're actually tearing it down and buidling a new 620 bed psych hospital there, so they'll need lots of nurses. They hire new grads.
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    Salem, not salam, sorry.