1. 0 Thoughts? I am leaning toward MHCC, b/c their program is smaller, and it's not their first year as an OCNE school.
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    If all other things are equal (like distance and such) I would go with Mt. Hood for the very reasons you mentioned. I have heard amazing things about MHCC and how personal the program is. If it were me, I would go with MH!! Congrats on multiple acceptances!! That rocks!!
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    2010_student did you decide on a school?
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    Not yet! I am actually leaning toward PCC now, just b/c it is such a hike for me out to MHCC. Really, I think they are probably going to be about the same, and I am over-thinking it!
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    I didn't apply to Mt Hood though I think I could have gotten in there just because of the very long drive. PCC was my first choice because of distance, I live in Beaverton so MHCC is quite a hike. If I didn't have to put my son in daycare I wouldn't be as worried about a long commute, but I need to have time to see him so PCC it is for me! I do worry about it being their first year OCNE but they have a long established Nursing Program and I am sure they are preparing the best they can for this. At least they aren't the VERY first..that must have been rough going!

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