Oregon LPN Program Points is it competetive?

  1. Is anyone currently doing their LPN in Oregon? I am looking into different options and just gathering some information. I would love to hear of anyone in a program in Eugene, Roseburg or Salem. What points did you have when applying? Are you liking the program? What is the job outlook?
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  3. by   Nexus21
    Hi. I have a friend who graduated from Mt Hood. Now she wants to do Home Health since it pays more. Not easy to find a job after graduation these days.

    After researching a lot, I have decided to take
    a year of pre-reqs and apply at Mt Hood too. They require that you earn your CNA 1 license which I could do at Caregiver Training Institute ($1000) + take the TEAS test (english & math).

    Their LPN program does not seem as competitive as the RN.

    I see that most employers in OR want us to be certified in IV & foot which I will do online right after graduation.