OHSU FNP program

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    Recently, I have been looking into Family Nurse Practitioner programs across the nation. It seems that OHSU has a really good FNP program - not to mention the area would be wonderful to live in :wink2:. Does anyone have any experience with applying/attending this grad program? Is it hard to get in? If you have attended or know anyone attending the program, do they like it?

    I graduated from nursing school at the University of Iowa with my BSN. I had about a 3.3 GPA in undergrad, and have been working as an RN for about 3 years now. With my credentials, does anyone know what my chances of being accepted in the OHSU FNP program are? Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated!!! thanks :redpinkhe

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    I can tell you that while the program maybe academically rigorous the clinical experience is sorely lacking. Not enough patients to go round. Or so I've heard.

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