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  1. It's official! I just sent in my deposit for the OHSU Accelerated Bachelor's Program and will be packing up for Portland soon!

    A few of the other schools I was considering had some kind of online forum on which accepted students could chat and connect with potential roommates--a tool that seemed really helpful! So far I've found a housing classifieds page for OHSU, but no real way to meet other students who will be attending. I would love to live with other students, so I wanted to reach out and see who else is planning to attend OHSU this year!

    Are there other ABSN or ABSN/MSN students here who might want to exchange email/FB information before Orientation?
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  3. by   anne2424
    Definitely would like to connect! I'm moving from Sam Francisco and have no idea what the different neighborhoods are like so I'm visiting tomorrow actually. If anyone is near Portland and wants to grab a drink let me know!