OHSU and other PDX area applicants for 2009 - page 9

I wanted to start a thread for those who are starting to apply to the local Portland nursing schools for 2009. Maybe state what school(s) you will be applying to and where you are in your process.... Read More

  1. by   barleynhopsBSN
    Unless OCNE community college programs have have changed there admission requirements since last year you should get a letter with your points in late April and another letter inviting you to interview first week of May.
  2. by   deasiac
    So sorry I thought we were talking about OHSU OCNE and not the community college OCNE programs. But I did apply to some of them.
  3. by   LindsayPaige
    I didn't think we were talking about the community college program. Good luck guys!
  4. by   woohoo123
    I am trying to decide between OHSU's ABM (into nurse-midwifery) and UCSF. Anyone out there who is also doing the ABM to Nurse Midwifery or have any insight as to the program at ABM OHSU. Why are you choosing OSHU? There is not a lot of info out there - so i'd love to chat with anyone in my position or someone who is already in the program!
  5. by   <3 Midwifery
    I know this post is from last year but I was wondering if you wouldnt mind sharing your experience at OHSU so far and what your stats and experience was as an applicant. I will be applying this next application cycle and as a Oregon resident I really want to attend OHSU. It is very difficult to find information threads on the ABN to CNM program at OHSU. Thanks for any info!