1. 0 Has anyone heard back from the OHSU ABSN program yet? I thought late March/early April was when we were supposed to hear back for Summer entry...?
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    I haven't called, but I've heard not until April 15th. That's a Sunday, so probably either this Friday or Monday or Tuesday... It's making me super nervous waiting this long! Let me know if you hear anything.
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    OHSU school of nursing twitter said it will be mailed out next week, no indication if it is early or late.
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    Moved to Oregon Nursing Programs.
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    Thanks for letting us know pnlu007. I hope it's Monday and not Friday of next week though
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    I called as well. They said next week, but again, no indication if it will be early, mid or late in the week. Thanks all for posting! Good luck and let me know if you hear anything! I'm getting really anxious!

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