Nursing Staffing Ratios

  1. So I just wanted to get some thoughts on this topic, I'm doing a debate with a team and we have discuss the 2 sides to nursing staffing ratios, so far what I know:
    government regulated staffing ratios for specific units (have already)
    local hospitals who want to regulate their own staffing ratios (some what to switch to this),
    I know california has been having this big thing on their staffing ratios, I just wanted to know thoughts comments about arguments, any place that has articles about this specific subject, I have to debate on why we should keep it the way it is.
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  3. by   lindarn
    In the "new section" of this listserve, is an excellant article that is very suportive of staffing ratios. Hope that helps.

    Lindarn, RN, BSN, CCRN
    Spokane, Washington