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Nursing Scholarships? (Chemeketa)

  1. 0 Anyone going to Chemeketa or has gone to Chemeketa I have a question about financial aid. I have already talked to them and they really are not much help. Does anyone know of any scholarships that have not closed already? I thought my fin aid situation was ok, but it looks kinda shakey. They will only pay for classes in the program, but it is 11 credits, not 12 so only 3/4 time, so less money. I am 26, a single mom, cumulative GPA of 3.89, and prerequiste GPA 4.0. I am hoping to quit one of my jobs, while keeping my easy evening job and workstudy. Any advice appreciated!
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    It may be too late for this year, but this is a wonderful (although competitive) program for single parent students
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    Thank you! I actually got invited to an interview for this, but you have to be attending a 4 year school. Since I got accepted to a 2 year school, I had to decline the interview. I guess I am just sticking to my two jobs and crossing my fingers.