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  1. 0 I have worked in the geriatric field over 7 yrs as a cna and cma, I just passed the NCLEX in Jan. and I am finding it difficult in finding a job, most jobs I am seeing they want experience.
    Does anyone have any advice where to look for a job in the Portland area?
    My dream job in working with geriatrics.
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    You're not alone! I also just passed the NCLEX in January, and still having a hard time finding a job in the Portland area. I have been getting better results applying out-of-state though, if relocating is an option for you.

    If nursing homes and ALFs are your areas of interest, you could look into Trinity Mission Health & Rehab of Portland. I had an interview with them last summer and got a tentative offer, but had to decline since I didn't pass the NCLEX (took me a few attempts to pass it). That was straight out of nursing school with no experience too. So you should be well off, in my opinion. Hope this helps!
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