Moving to OR with one year of experience

  1. I'm moving to the Portland area in Jan 2012 from Las Vegas. I've been working at a small adult health hospital in Las Vegas (med/surg and IMC patients) for the last 7 months so by the time we move, I'll have a year+ of experience. Just curious what the chances are of my getting a job quickly out there? I'd like to do IMC, ER, or ICU at a large hospital if it's possible.
    Is it best to go directly through the hospitals or should I use an agency to start?
    What are the nurseatient ratios in OR?
    What is the CNA scope of practice out there? More specifically, can CNA's do blood sugars?
    Are the hospitals mostly unionized?
    What are schedules like? Are they mostly self scheduling?
    Thanks in advance for any feedback!
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  3. by   uRabbit
    I would secure employment before heading over.
  4. by   Teddysgirl0609
    I have 13 years of nursing experience...been looking for a job very actively for 6 months now. Ive turned in over 100 applications, and only 1 interview. I would say you might have a little trouble finding a job here. I know I have.