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  1. 0 I start in January and am going to be commuting to and from school by bike; I literally live about two miles from the Bruning Center. Does anyone know if there is an acceptable place, either inside or out for me to lock my bike (inside preferred)?
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    I start in January as well. Looking forward to meeting you!

    I haven't cobbled together my commute plan yet, but I likely will be combining light rail and bike. Are there bike lockers at the City Hall light rail station?

    That may be an option. There must be at least some bike racks at the Bruning Center, but maybe someone else knows for sure.
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    There are bike lockers at the MAX station, but there's a waiting list for them and TriMet is going to start charging people for them within the next month or so. I forgot the cost, I inquired about them a few months ago.
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    I've never seen anyone park a bike at the Bruning Center, so you would have to scope out the place first.

    Don't forget to get a laptop for the nursing program! It is essential.

    Good luck!