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    hello, i am a current cna student working on taking baby steps to rn. i plan to apply for the lpn program at mt hood for 2010 start. the cutoff is january of 2010 and i was wondering what kind of competition i'm up against as far as the points system is concerned. i have my math, writing, and a&p 1 completed, but i'm retaking a&p to get an 'a' because i plan on using these credits toward the rn program in the future. my gpa will be about a 3.0, by the cutoff date i will have i'm guessing about 500 cna work experience and have already taken psy 201 (which is a requirement, but not a pre-req). can anyone tell me if i have a chance? either way i plan on applying for an rn program but don't have the prereqs to apply before 2011 start. i figure i may as well get my lpn in the meantime. any info is much appreciated. thanks and happy nursing
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