I know this has been asked a dozen times...experience with Coos Bay area?

  1. Just hoping to get some feedback from anyone who has lived in or is familiar with the Coos Bay area. Specifically, schools (I've read some very mixed reviews on the quality of the schools, it seems that North Bend is better than Coos Bay), and whether you think a city person could adjust to small town living there.
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  3. by   Mbells.
    I'm from Portland and I have family that live there. I lived there for a while myself when I was young and again about 6 years ago (I was 22). There is almost no difference between Coos Bay and North Bend, really, that I'm aware of. I went to elementary school in North Bend and I have some friends that went to high school in both. I don't think they are terrible from what I've heard. There isn't much to do and if you are planning to do any shopping it's about an hour and a half to Eugene and that's really the only option. But if you don't mind that stuff then it's not so bad.