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Endorsing RN to Oregon

  1. 0 Hello, anyone have any experience on how long this usually takes?
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    Call or go online with a search. It's all the usual stuff, your transcripts, fingerprint check, previous active license, etc... You better get started, OR is one of the hardest states to get licensed in. It took me about 6 months coming from one state to another. I started and had my OR license in hand before I moved. They may be faster now this was 10 years ago.

    I know if you're coming from Canada there's something about having to take a test if this and that ... look it up.
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    Depends on where you trained, what the requirements are
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    When I called i was told 2-4 weeks.
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    I think the longest hold up is if your originating state is part of the Nurssys system to verify you current license. If it does two weeks should do it. They also might issue a temporary working license...??...until the official one is submitted. Welcome to Oregon!