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I was wondering if anyone would be interested in posting their points for CCC. I have 56.8/70 and was wondering how competitive my score is. I couldn't find any discussions about 2010 CCC points... Read More

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    I am just posting this for students who are going to be applying in 2011.
    I was not officially invited to an interview with 53.52 points and was placed on the "interview alternate list".
    Today is the first of the three days that they doing an interview, and I got a call at 8am to come in for an interview tomorrow.
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    Interviews are officially over! Good luck everyone.
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    Just got my acceptance letter for CCC this afternoon... Congrats to all my future fellow classmates! See you at orientation next week!
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    I have heard that part of the interview for the nursing program at CCC is a written portion.

    Does anyone know if that is just a written version of the same type of questions they ask in an oral interview?

    Thank you