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Anyone heard from Legacy Versant PDX?

  1. 0 I had my interview for the Legacy Versant program here in Portland, OR last Tuesday. Has anyone heard anything back yet? I heard we will all know by the end of December, but then I was informed today that if you are rejected you will know within the first two weeks! My interview did not go so hot!
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    Haven't heard anything yet. The manager I interviewed with said a couple weeks. Anxiously waiting for a response. Good luck to you.
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    I have not heard anything and it's the end of December! I haven't gotten a phone call for a second interview or a rejection email.
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    Legacy is on a hiring freeze and the are 400 job cuts scheduled. Job prospects don't look good for anyone right now...
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    Yes, that's what I hear. I wonder how that's going to affect the residency program.