Any other U of P AEM UP summer 2010 students?

  1. I've been accepted into the University of Portland's alternate entry masters (AEM UP) program that starts this summer and wondered if there were any other members of the cohort on here?

    I'm nervous and excited about the program and would love to meet others!
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  3. by   teenyjo
    Hi Tamarcita,
    Good luck this summer. I'm in the AEM UP program as well, but I just completed the pre-licensure part and got my RN license. I'll start the MSN classes this May. Maybe I'll see you on campus!
  4. by   fyrefaye
    Hello! I will be starting the program with you this June! I live right here in St. Johns and am currently at home with my 7 week old son. I realize that it is going to be a challenge with such a little one but I like the prospect of getting through the initial phase of the program quickly and getting right to work. I am certainly excited and nervous!
  5. by   Tamarcita
    Fyrefaye - I look forward to getting to know you!

    I also have children, but mine are a little older so I get more sleep. My son is 7 and my daughter is 4.