What can I expect after surgery??? What can I expect after surgery??? | allnurses

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What can I expect after surgery???

  1. 0 I just found out yesterday that I have to have surgery next Thursday. I'm having a laser lithotripsy and ureteral stent placement. They found a stone the size of a marble in my ureter. It's a day surgery procedure and they said under general anesthesia.
    My question--can you have a spinal with this? And what kind of pain should I expect--if any--after the procedure.
    I've had NO pain with these so far. It's amazing that we even found it. I had some bladder pain and a large amt of visual blood in my urine in June. Treated for a bladder infection. It went away in about 5 days. In July--happened again. Blood and bladder pain(for about 4-5 days)--but no spasms, or frequency. Was not an infection. Had a u/s and it only showed my right kidney enlarged. Had a CT scan and x-ray and the stone just popped out right at you!! It wasn't found on u/s becaues it was hidden behind my pelvic bone.
    Should I expect any pain after this? And also--I'm nursing--will I be able to nurse when I get home if I have a general?