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  1. 0 I am looking to possibly relocate to the Tampa area. I am just wondering which hospitals are best to work for. I currently work at a non-teaching, non-trauma center hospital. This OR has 22 rooms and is very fast paced. We do around 50-75 cases a day. I think I would like something similar, but if the hospital is smaller or bigger, but an amazing place to work, I would also be interested in that! Thanks for your help!
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    From what I've read here, job opportunities in Florida are rather limited. You might be in for a long wait.

    Good luck!
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    Florida Hospital was a nice community hospital, St. Joseph's is another moderate sized one, the nurses seemed to have no more gripes than average. Tampa General is the larger, glittery one in the area. Tampa is a nice city, I wish you the best of luck!
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    Tampa General is a level 1 trauma center, that will be your best bet.
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    All Children's in St. Pete is an option also. If you are interested in only kids.

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