Studying for CNOR, feeling stressed.

  1. 0 Been studying for last 8 weeks working through cci study guide, reviewed off and on for some weeks before that. Scheduled to take exam in 2 weeks. Been in the OR for 10+ years and took two practice exams this weekend and did not do well. Around 75% answers correct. I've read study points others have posted on previous posts. Major self talking and positive visualization going on right now. How can I not know this stuff after years of working, precepting in the OR. Last night I even had dreams of CNOR questions! I feel like I'm wasting my time but then its not over til its over. I'll be so glad when I can just go back to enjoying my evenings again.
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    Keep on fighting. I wish you luck.
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    I take mine on 4/2!! I usually test well but have still been doing lots of questions.
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    Wish you the best.
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    Whew!! I passed!

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