Shielding the patient with lead during surgery?

  1. Does anyone regularly shield their patients who get exposed to radiation during surgery? I recently realized that the radiation emitted from the c-arm actually is sourced UNDERNEATH the patient. Would anyone put a lead shield on the table before transferring the patient (that is if it would not interfere with the image, such as for extremities, head and neck, or thoracic?)
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  3. by   TakeTwoAspirin
    If I can shield them without interfering with the image then yes, I do (esp. thyroid and genitals if they are young).
  4. by   bbrogalla
    I shield by putting a couple of 1/2 aprons-the kind that only cover the front of the pelvis with no torso coverage-on the table prior to transferring. I use the aprons because they do not bunch up under them, and its easy to "customize" where you are putting them because there isn't much material to work around. Then I wrap them up the sides and put a no lead one on top if needed (its lighter which is a consideration for peds) I also make it a point to shield breasts in young girls too.