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Seeking OR Fellowship Programs Information

  1. 0 Hello folks,

    I am a 15 month BSN student seeking information about OR fellowship programs around the country that I might apply for when I graduate. I have seen a few online, one namely in Indiana. Preferably, I would be paid a salary or stipend during the training (I have seen training anywhere from 6 months to two years) and then offered a position if I qualify with a two year or so commitment to that institution. Sounds like a great opportunity!

    If anyone knows of such programs out there could you please let me know?

    Thanks and happy holidays!

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    Check around with hospitals- some actually offer a similar program as a paid orientation. My guess would be that your best bet would be teaching hospitals. My hospital used to offer such a program, although now we are "fully staffed" (not really, but they've decided we have enough nurses) and have since stopped offering the program.
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    Beaumont in Royal Oak Michigan often advertises one. Not sure about in the future with a merger that is abouto happen but worth checking out.