Scrubbing Ortho Totals

  1. 0 I have worked in the OR for one year and really enjoy it. I do mainly ORTHO cases! Circulating and 2nd scrubbing. (All the ortho docs have private scrubs) I have been wanting to learn to first scrub on totals and will be starting to learn soon. Anyone have any helpful hints or secrets for first scrubbing totals? Thanks!
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    Your reps should be able to get you a technique book for the total systems used in your hospital--these give you a helpful overview of the instruments and procedure.
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    Check with the Ortho. nurse - In our OR, we have OR nurses who teach their specialty to other nurses. Instrumentation, prep, and draping doctors like, etc. they are our RESOURCE nurses. Check to see the name of the instrumentation system they use as spineCNOR mention, such as:
    zimmer, synthesis, nexgen, etc...I am sure they have a spare copy for you to browse through. Since I started in the OR, I made notes of surgeries to familiarize myself with the surgeon's pref(s). I can send you a copy of a total knee/hip that I have typed on word if you are interested. Let me know.

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