rubber bands and latex

  1. what do u use instead of rubber bands to hold instruments together. I'm not talking about large amouts of instruments but extras, ie 2 langenbecks, ect. getting rid or ours and would like ideas.
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  3. by   spineCNOR
    I am not sure I understand your question. Are you referrring to grouping thm together for storage, or actually sterilizing them this way?
  4. by   squeek
    in OZ we group our instruments together with ?? instrument clips, a bit like really large safety pins... we must buy them from the companies that sell instruments I guess .. we do not use rubber bands for anything (latex allergies of course). instruments can be grouped and sterilised together with these clips.
  5. by   sukisocks
    Hi Carcha

    we use instrument pins for items such as crile roberts etc that come as extras from HSDU these are grouped in 5's or 10's. Langenbecks or retaining instruments are packed in 1' or 2's but never held with elastic bands or pins. Extras are accounted for on the swab board as extras as well as the HSDU packet being retained for return purposes and tracking. Does this help?
  6. by   carcha
    thanks all, we do use pins, and write the extras on the board but have used rubber bands to hold some loose things together, guess just leave them loose