Prep solution for open wounds

  1. What are you using to prep open wounds and where would I find the rationale?
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  3. by   aliciaRNBSN
    We use betadine paint but I've been told that it isn't "approved" for use in open wounds. I did some research on ChloraPrep and Betadine and one article suggested that Betadine is so old that it's indicated uses were grandfathered in by the FDA whereas other prepping agents are forced to follow stricter guidelines.
  4. by   ButtonNose
    Hey there, in Ontario, Canada our standards state that for open wounds they should be prepped using normal saline.
  5. by   ChristineAdrianaRN
    I've only ever seen one doc prep open wounds, and he uses a 50/50 mixture of betadine paint and saline. But I am not sure of the rationale.
  6. by   Goobstress
    Safe to go with manufacturer's guideline and read the policy as well and based on those make your decision.
  7. by   RNtUamazing
    Just had an inservice from the Chloraprep rep. She says unless it is necrotic, Chloraprep stays off open wounds. It can inhibit new tissue growth. You can ask your rep to bring or email you research.