Periop internship programs - how is your's structured?

  1. I'm in a Periop internship program and was curious about how other programs operate.....In our's we spent the first 7 weeks alternating between the Periop 101 course modules and shadowing in the OR with a regular preceptor. We now rotate thru the services spending about 3 weeks in each one - there is no classroom time spent reviewing anatomy, procedures, instruments, etc. during this this the way most internships work? Looking for other ways that may help improve our's....... Thanks
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  3. by   citylights89
    Well, at my hospital, the OR people had to attend the hospital wide GN classes with the other non-OR people. On the days when the other GNs were on their unit, we were in our OR class. After about 4 weeks, the general GN classes were complete and we spend another couple of weeks solely in OR classes. After that, we are with our preceptors for 8 weeks, then rotate through some other areas of the OR.
  4. by   Fun2RN,BSN
    It depends on the number of interns. The classroom setting is about three weeks that included PeriOp 101, draping, instruments, supplies, etc, and shadowing in SPD, Pre-OP, PACU, and in the OR. After that, the rotations are balanced out depending on the number of interns, and the number of specialties.