Periop internship programs - how is your's structured? Periop internship programs - how is your's structured? | allnurses

Periop internship programs - how is your's structured?

  1. 0 I'm in a Periop internship program and was curious about how other programs operate.....In our's we spent the first 7 weeks alternating between the Periop 101 course modules and shadowing in the OR with a regular preceptor. We now rotate thru the services spending about 3 weeks in each one - there is no classroom time spent reviewing anatomy, procedures, instruments, etc. during this this the way most internships work? Looking for other ways that may help improve our's....... Thanks
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    Well, at my hospital, the OR people had to attend the hospital wide GN classes with the other non-OR people. On the days when the other GNs were on their unit, we were in our OR class. After about 4 weeks, the general GN classes were complete and we spend another couple of weeks solely in OR classes. After that, we are with our preceptors for 8 weeks, then rotate through some other areas of the OR.
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    It depends on the number of interns. The classroom setting is about three weeks that included PeriOp 101, draping, instruments, supplies, etc, and shadowing in SPD, Pre-OP, PACU, and in the OR. After that, the rotations are balanced out depending on the number of interns, and the number of specialties.