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  1. 0 Hello All,

    As most OR we are always in the look out to improve processes and how to keep patients, surgeons, anesthesia happy, I say what about ourselves?

    My OR just started a nurse practice council and I joined in. My idea, taken from my marketing wife, is to give nurse's like either a weekly/monthly improvement questionnaire. It's a take on my wife's focus group; they go around and ask random people the pros and cons of the new product or concept.

    So the questionnaire would ask questions such as (this is anonymous):
    1) Did you have a good/bad day/week/month ? Please explain...

    2) If a good day, what was good about it, and how could we duplicate it.

    3) If a bad one, what was bad about it, how could it be handled differently.

    I want to see how my fellow OR nurses in the internet have done this type of questionnaires.

    Good Idea? Bad Idea? Indifferent?

    Did it fail? Did it work?
    What kind of questions did you ask...
    What kind would you ask?

    Thank you all in advance...
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