OR interview at hospital on Monday the 17th...new grad

  1. Good evening, I am looking for a little support and any advice is also welcome. I am a new grad as of the end of June. I have prior military experience as a surgical tech (4 years) , but it was over ten years ago 1999-2003. I am really excited about this opportunity and want to nail the interview. I was getting the generic response email (looking for other canidates) many many times. I finally got the name of the surgical director from a friend of a friend who is a surgical technician at the facility and has been for 11 years. We played email tag for about a month and then she called and asked me to come in on Monday, bring my resume and we can talk about our "options". The term "options" really made me optimistic, but I dont want to get too excited just yet. Is there anything besides the generic interview questions you think I should prepare for? Any good things I should read to brush up on my surgical experience? Thanks to everyone and hope this wasnt to boring of a read ; )
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