Operating Room Nurse Position (Urology) - Maryland

  1. Hey OR Nurses!

    I just landed a position at a surgery center in Maryland. My family is from Atlanta GA and we are moving to Baltimore Maryland at the end of the year and as luck would have it I found a position right outside of B-more and I start in January 2013.

    I am so thankful as I am a newly wed and I just inherited two step children and I would like to spend more time with them and mainly my husband. I really lucked up too:
    - No Weekends
    - No Nights
    - No Holidays
    - 4 days a week with 10 hours per day and I can request overtime if needed.

    The HR told me that they have four openings and I am the first of the four. So if you are interested I can give you the name and info of HR to see if they are still taking resumes. Just let me know!

    Now that I am done celebrating! I actually do not have Urology experience but I do have OR experince and that is why they made me an offer. Can you give me an idea of what to expect? Again this is an outpatient center and they said that they average 10-14 procedures a day and they last 45 minutes or less each so you have to stay quick on your feet.
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