Operating Nurse Pay survey

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    I am doing a research project for my hospital I currently work in . What is the current amount of pay in the operating room nurse with what amount of experience? Thank you

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    Going to vary greatly depending on location, cost of living, etc. however, AORN does an annual salary survey, which is going on now. You can find the results of last year's on their website I'm sure. Additionally, I'm sure your facility is going to want names and locations, which is going to eliminate any anonymity provided by the site. I for one am not comfortable revealing that information.
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    I agree with Rose_Queen about giving out too much info. In general, I will say it varies greatly. I work FT in a Level 2 Trauma Center and PRN at a surgery center affiliated with a different, even larger hospital. I make almost $1 less an hour working for the larger hospital system.

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